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Apple to warn iPhone users about update impact

Apple to warn iPhone users about update impact

Apple has pledged to warn iPhone customers if a regular update is likely to significantly slow a device or impact battery life.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK had communicated concerns in 2017 that people had not understood a working system update could impact the performance of the phone.

  • It is scared that iPhone owners had been repairing their devices or changing the batteries unreasonably.
  • It can now take the court to react if Apple does not comply.

The CMA added that by signing up to this commitment to superior transparency, Apple was bound by it.

“To ensure that consumer law, Apple has formally ready to increase the information is provided to people about the battery life of their phone and the effect on the performance administration software may have on their phone” the CMA says on its website.

Apple believes that changes to the way it permits users to monitor their battery’s presentation among other perfections it has made mean that it is previously following the CMA’s wishes.

  • A spokesman declined to offer further comment.


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