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Facebook’s Deepfake Dilemma

Facebook’s Deepfake Dilemma

This week, Mark Zuckerberg admitted to monitoring the stolen data of billions of people and said he owed it all to an organization called Specter.

A few weeks ago, the social media huge came under fire for permitting a treated video of the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to remain up.

So how would it was responding when the faked video of its founder arose?

The video featured the real Mark Zuckerberg, but the voice and the words are faked.

This work of two actors, Daniel Howe and a man going by the name of Bill Posters, and was part of an installation on show in Sheffield this week.

When we speak to Bill Posters he told us that the video had been planned long before the row over Facebook’s treatment of Nancy Pelosi.

Naturally, Facebook do not remove this video, It said it followed the same policy as with the Nancy Pelosi video and other misinformation on its services – let third party fact-checkers control whether it was false, and then make it less visible in users’ feeds rather than taking it down.


Bill Posters points out that the video featured the #deepfake and was never meant to deceive anybody.

It is hard to trust that anybody happening across this artwork with a voice which sounds nothing like Mark Zuckerberg would be misled.

But Continuous, deepfake technology is getting ever more urbane.

Quickly, it will be develop in very difficult to spot whether words have been put into the mouths of politicians, or whether celebrities’ faces have been placed in scenes where they were not present.

Bill Posters said that means things must to change.

“To do that it is require to collective understanding of very hard, obscure, hidden technologies and methods. But it also needs regulatory oversight as well,” he said.

Regulation time

The call for instruction of Facebook and the other US tech giants is getting louder – from Europe in particular.

Tech Tent also catches from European Commissioner Carlos Moedas and leading UK tech figure Hermann Hauser, who both insist that Europe is setting the pace – with the GDPR data privacy directive just one example.



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