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Images Stolen in US Border

Images Stolen in US Border

Images of tens of thousands of peoples passage the US border with Mexico have been stolen in a major hack, the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has said.

The breach, which effects on the network of a sub-contractor, also saw photos of vehicle license plates stolen, said the CBP.

It said fewer than 100,000 people were pretentious based on “initial reports”.

It also denied claims that image data had been shared on the dark web.

“CBP has warned Members of Congress and is working closely with other law enforcement organizations and cyber-security entities… to actively examine the incident,” it added.

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CBP uses cameras at airports and land border crossings as part of a rising facial-recognition programmer planned to track people entering and exiting the US.

The agency said the sub-contractor in the breach had stored the images on its systems without official consent, and that CBP’s own systems were not affected.

The pictures of people in vehicles entering and leaving the country via a single border entry point, which CBP did not name.

It said that no other identifying data – such as passport data and other travel document photos – had been cooperated.

US law administration organizations debate that facial acknowledgment systems enhance border security and help to catch criminals.

But there are rising worries they may infringe privacy and increase the risk of identity theft.

Senator Ron Wyden commented on Washington Post: “If the government collects sensitive data about Americans, it is answerable for defensive it – and that’s just as true if it contracts with a private company.

“Someone that whose data was cooperated should be informed by customs, and the government needs to explain accurately how it intends to prevent this kind of breach from happening in the future.”


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