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Protester Confronts Jeff Bezos on Stage

Protester Confronts Jeff Bezos on Stage

An animal rights activist came within some feet of Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, on a stage in Las Vegas.

Priya Sawhney evaded event safety, as well as some of Mr. Bezos’ personal detail is which costs a reported $1.6m (£1.25m) per year.

“Jeff is richest man on the planet,” Ms. Sawhney said, holding a flower. So “You can help the animals.”

Mr. Bezos and Jenny Freshwater, another Amazon executive on stage at the same time, sat calmly as the woman was uninvolved.

“Do you have a response for that?” Mr. Bezos joked after Ms. Sawhney had been taken away.

Mr. Bezos was appearing as part of the firm’s Re: Mars conference, where the company has discussed its efforts in machine learning, automation, robotics and space.

On that last topic, Mr. Bezos said he wanted to provide foundational space technology for start-ups to build on for low cost, noting that Amazon was only possible because it was able to distribute through the US Postal Service.

The Direct Action Everywhere animal rights group said that it was objecting to what it claims is poor treatment of chickens at a farm in Petaluma Poultry, a California farm that supplies chicken and turkey to Amazon and others.

“Animal misuse is crime here and not animal rescue,” Ms. Sawhney in a press announcement printed quickly after the incident.

“That time Amazon and Jeff Bezos take a stand for transparency, rather than actively suppressing the truth.”




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