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Russian YouTuber Sued Over Film Review

Russian YouTuber Sued Over Film Review

A popular Russian YouTuber known for his film reviews has hit out at his country’s Ministry of Culture with allegations of censorship.

In a video which has been view more than three million times, Yevgeny Bazhenov revealed he is currently being sued for copyright infringement by film studio Kinodanz for using too many clips in his film reviews.

Mr Bazhenov charges the real motivation is censorship and he has accuse the Ministry of Culture, which funded Kinodanz’s film, Beyond the Edge, of being involved.

“You, me, we all should have the right to say that what we think, especially when we analysis something that was filmed on our money,” Mr Bazhenov said in his video.

According to this news this outlet Interfax in the Ministry’s director of cinematography Olga Lyubimova has denied being involved in the lawsuit saying: “We give support in producing and promoting films on the Russian market and abroad, but we do not give help in court these phrases and claims are 90% baseless.”

Mr Bazhenov is not usually known for giving kind reviews and he made no exception for the 2018 film Beyond the border this video call it “incredibly funny, pompous, pretentious” in a video in May last year. The court case followed a few months later.

Mr Bazhenov received the court case from the film studio in January 2019 but he only made this public in his video on 3 June.

The video is now the number one on Russian YouTube’s trending page and has more than 189,259 comments on this video. The story is also the top of Russia’s daily Google Trends.

Mr Bazhenov has received a lot of messages of support on social media.

If it needs to be, we will go on a rally for you.

In addition prominent data have vocal out. “Frankly speaking, the attempts to stop Yevgeny Bazhenov from posting his reviews are cowardice, incompetence and censorship,” film producer Alexander Rodnyansky wrote on Instagram.

The Russian TV hostess and media manager Tina Kandelaki commented on Telegram that she is ready for obtain Mr Bazhenov’s YouTube channel and cover the legal costs saying Kinodanz “should read up on the Streisand effect”.

The Streisand effect describe a situation where an attempt to censor or hide something only serves to draw more attention to it.


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