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Telegram Boss Links Cyber Attack

Telegram Boss Links Cyber Attack

Telegram’s creator Pavel Durov has said a huge cyber-attack on his messaging service invented from China.

On Wednesday, the firm confirmed it hurt a “powerful” Distributed Denial of Service attack which disturbed services for about an hour.

In DDos violence, hackers overpower a target’s servers with junk requests.

It originated as activists in Hong Kong used Telegram to coordinate demonstrations over a plan to permit extradition to China.

In a post on Twitter, Telegram said the disturbance affected users in the Americas and “other countries”.

Mr. Durov late tweet, the IP addresses involved in the attack mostly originated from China.

China’s Cyberspace Management, which oversees the country’s cyber policy, has yet to comment.

Telegram permits people to send encrypted messages, documents, videos and pictures without charge.

Users can create groups for up to 200,000 people, or channels for broadcasting to limitless viewers.

Its popularity has grown-up because of its stress on encryption, which spoils many widely used methods of reading confidential infrastructures.

  • Hong Kong in surprise after anti-extradition violence
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Police and protesters had pitched battles in the city on Wednesday over plans to permit suspects to be extradited to mainland China.

Seventy-two people were hurt, including two men who were in serious condition.

Hong Kong is part of China under a “one country, two systems” principle, which confirms that it keeps its own judicial freedom, its own parliament and economic system.

People are concerned that should the extradition bill pass, it would bring Hong Kong more decisively under China’s control.


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