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Tinder soon to be launched lite version app to reach basic smartphones users

Dating App – Will bring down the light version of the app for the dating app / basic smartphone

  • Light version will be released first in countries with more young populations
  • Tinder App has more than 5 million users worldwide

Gadget desk To maximize access to more and more people, the popular online dating app Tinder is preparing to launch its app version soon. It is being prepared by keeping in mind the basic smartphone users. The company claims that it will also consume fewer data.

38% increased paid subscribers

  1. Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of Tinder’s parent company Match Group, says that the Tinder Lite app will use a lot of space in the phone and it will prove to be better for those places where data prices are high.
  2. India also has a large population of youth, so India is also a part of Tinder’s goal. According to media reports, the Tinder App has around 5 million users worldwide. According to the report, the number of Tinder paid subscribers increased by 38% at the beginning of 2019.
  3. Ginsberg further said that the light version of the Tinder App will be released to the users soon, although they have not made any announcement about time and time, this and certainly indicate that it can be released earlier in the East Asian region where The population of the youth is high.


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