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Turkey to Get Russian S-400 Missile System

Turkey to Get Russian S-400 Missile System

Turkey’s President Erdogan said that he hopes a Russian missile system that Washington sees as a threat to US jets will be distributed in July.

The US had said that Turkey could not have both the S-400 anti-aircraft protection system and US F-35 fighter jets.

But Mr. Erdogan said Turkey would hold to account anyone who excluded Turkey from the F-35 programmer.

Nato member Turkey has contracted up to buying 100 F-35s and has financed heavily in the F-35 programmer.

Turkish firms produce 937 of the plane’s parts.

Mr. Erdogan said he hoped to resolution the condition with the US through phone diplomacy ahead of a meeting with President Trump at the end of June, Reuters reported.

Turkey has been following a progressively self-governing protection policy and has been launching closer links with Russia after a recent souring of its ties with the US and Europe.

What has the US been telling Turkey?

US acting Office assistant of Defense Patrick Shanahan last week wrote to his Turkish counterpart that the US was “dissatisfied” to hear that Turkish personnel have been sent to Russia to train on the S-400.

Another senior US official, Under Secretary of Defense Ellen Lord, told journalists that the US did not want Russian technicians to be able to access the F-35’s susceptibilities.

What is the S-400 system?

The S-400 “Triumf” is one of the most classy surface-to-air missile systems in the world.

It has a range of 400km (250 miles), and one S-400 integrated system can shoot down up to 80 targets concurrently.

Russia said that it can hit aerial aims ranging from low-flying drones to aircraft flying at various altitudes and long-range missiles.

How does the S-400 work?

  • Long-range investigation radar tracks things and relays data to command vehicle, which assesses potential targets
  • Target is recognized and command vehicle orders missile launch
  • Launch data are referred to the best placed launch vehicle and it issues surface-to-air missiles


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