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World fastest bullet train with a 72ft nose is unveiled in Japan launched by 2030

Japan’s fastest bullet train ‘alpha-x’ will decide in 4.30 hours, 1163 kilometers

  • It also uses traditional brakes with air brakes
  • The train’s noose is 72 feet long, its testing has started

Gadget desk Japan is famous all over the world for its research work and innovation. Recently, Japan has introduced the world’s fastest bullet train ‘Alpha-X’, which will be launched in 2030. The ten-packed bullet train’s topped is 360 kilometers per hour. The most special thing is that the point of view of the train is 72 feet long. Before landing this bullet train on the track, the train will have to go through stringent testing for three years. Along with this, Japan is also working to increase its bullet train network.

In 4.30 hours, 1163 kilometers

  1. Sapporo, the main city of Japan’s northern Hokkaido area, will also be connected to this ultra-fast network. The distance between these two cities is approximately 1,163 km. When this fast-speed bullet train rushes in its top speed, the journey from Tokyo to Sapporo can be completed in just four and a half hours.
  2. Equipped with ultra-fast speed, this train has used many great technologies. It also uses traditional brakes with air brakes, in which the magnetic plates are located around the track. Dupers and air suspension engaged in the train keep it on track.
  3. Equipped with the latest features, this bullet train is the best specimen of Superior Luxury and High-Level Conflict. Alpha-X Bullet Train has many features that do not have any particular effect on earthquake. It has been specially designed to control the train sound and pressure during top speed and stay safe while leaving the tunnel.
  4. Talking about the world’s fastest bullet train at the moment, it already exists near Japan and France. Its top speed is 321 kilometers per hour. Eurostar, which connects France and England via the railroad, that top speed.


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